East Beach is a city in the state of California, and a suburb of Los Santos. It is located within Red County.

History Edit

East Beach first began to develop shortly after World War II. The area did not operate using racially exclusive deeds and sported relatively larger house sizes than other neighborhoods developing at the time, which helped it to develop it's residential areas as well as it's commercial areas very quickly due to high housing demand. The City of East Beach was formed in 1952.

East Beach remained a desirable middle class suburb until the late 1970s. The development of the Edward Martin Houses and St. Catherine Projects as well as multiple low income housing complexes contributed to the area's steady decline as impoverished families began moving in.

From 1986 to 1989, the city focused on suburbanizing the commercial sector outside of the East Beach business district. Older, smaller dilapidated businesses were torn down; and made way for shopping centers, fast food, and larger storefronts.

Starting in 1995, East Beach's retail sector became a prime real estate location following the 1993 construction of the East Beach Skymall. Upscale apartments developed over dilapidated residential homes in the area as a result.

Demographics Edit

Median income in 1999 in East Beach was $31,914 for households.