Ganton is a city in the state of California, and a suburb of Los Santos. It is located within Red County.

History Edit

Ganton was first recorded in 1909 after the establishment of the now defunct Gant Railway Station. During the 1910s, various railroad merchants emerged around the railway station. The Village of Ganton was first recorded in 1929.

The city began developing around 1946 after the end of World War II as suburban housing was in high demand. Originally the village of Ganton operated with racially exclusive housing deeds, but in 1954 the practice was deemed unconstitutional, and many African American families moved in from the rural South as well as inner city areas in Los Santos.

Ethnic tensions during the 1960s sparked large amounts of violence in Ganton. The first modern street gangs in America were said to have formed in Ganton sometime around 1966 in the Imperial Courts Projects, a mostly black tenement, which was built in 1954. Violence and rioting caused widespread white flight into suburbs with lesser tensions, and by 1972; Ganton was 72% African American.

The city of Ganton was incorporated in 1977. Interstate 125 was built through the city shortly after.

In 1979, the Gant Railway Station was torn down. During the early 1980s, Hispanic families began inhabiting the city. The Jordan Downs Projects were built on the site of the defunct Gant Railway Station in 1983. The projects were mostly Hispanic, in contrast to the mostly African-American Imperial Courts.

Ganton was considered to be the center of gangster rap culture during the 1990s, which helped to contribute to it's reputation involving gang violence, inner city culture and hip hop music.

Demographics Edit

Median income in Ganton in 1999 was $19,897 for households.