Glen Park is an upscale suburb in the state of California. It is located in Red County.

History Edit

Glen Park was originally founded in the early 1930s as an enclave for immigrant factory workers. After the end of World War II, an influx of Polish immigrants moved to the area.

During it's early years, Glen Park was a poorer area, and was unrecognized as a seperate suburb of Los Santos. However, due to ethnic tensions in the Los Santos area during the 1960s, whites left Los Santos' city proper in large numbers and moved to Glen Park, and the Hispanic residents were soon pushed out of the neighborhood into the city.

On May 20, 1966; a cafeteria worker at the now defunct Glen Elementary School was held up during school lunch hour. A similar incident occurred in 1973 when a student brought a rifle to Glen Park High School and killed a class of students, including himself. No other shooting incidents have occurred within the Glen Park school system since.

The area was reformed in the early 1970s by a series of cleanup programs, the most prominent led by the city's namesake, Glen J. Kowalewski; which helped low income families attend college and repair their homes. Community efforts helped Glen Park become one of America's first gentrified neighborhoods, transforming it into a middle class suburb.

Glen J. Kowalewski Park was commissioned in 1976, and the city was incorporated in 1979.

Demographics Edit

Median income in Glen Park in 2000 was $56,466 for households.