Grant Shevlin
Born April 10, 1961 (age 39)
Los Santos, California
Residence Glen Park, California
Ethnicity Irish American
Polish American
Occupation Police Commander
Years active 1989 - present
Employer Los Santos Police Department
Salary $79,968
Spouse Karen Mawnett (divorced)
Parents Maryann Shevlin
Frank Katarzynski
Relatives Lisa Katarzynski-Ortiz (sister)

Grant Shevlin (born April 10, 1961 in Los Santos, California) is a Police Commander in the Los Santos Police Department. Shevlin is currently the commander of the Office of Operations, which oversees Detective and Patrol work.

Personal Life Edit

Shevlin was born on April 10, 1961 at All Saints Hospital in Los Santos, California; to Maryann Shevlin of Shreveport, Louisiana, and Frank Katarzynski of Los Santos, California. Shevlin grew up in the working class Temple neighborhood of Los Santos, and attended Mid City High School.

In 1988, Shevlin married Karen Mawnett. After six years of marriage, they divorced in 1994 over financial disagreements.

Shevlin is a registered member of the Republican Party

Residences Edit

Shevlin lived in a home on Mint Street in Temple until 1971, when the home was one of many to be demolished and replaced with apartments. Shevlin and his family then moved to an apartment on Sunset in the Temple district.

Shevlin moved to the downstairs loft of a multi-family home in East Beach in 1980. He later moved to Idlewood in 1990; and then to his current residence in Glen Park in 1995.

Between 1985 and 1987, Shevlin lived on the campus of University of California San Fierro where he obtained his Associates Degree in Economics.

Career Edit

Shevlin graduated from Mid City High School in 1979. He immediately gained employment at Moreland Printing Company, but was laid off in 1985. Shevlin attended University of California San Fierro; where he gained his associates degree in 1987.

Shevlin joined the police academy in 1989, with a starting salary of $15,901. He graduated the police academy in three months, and became an officer in early 1990.

Shevlin became a detective in 1992, and was mostly involved in Gang and Organized Crime investigation following the 1992 Los Santos Riots. He became Detective Sargeant in 1995. In 1997, Shevlin was appointed as the Commanding Officer of the Detective Bureau and given the rank of Captain.

Shevlin became Commander of the Office of Operations in late 1998.