Market is a neighborhood in the city of Los Santos, California. Market is home to the Los Santos Gay District as well as the Verona Mall and All Saints Hospital.

History Edit

Market was originally established during the late 1800s as an extension of Downtown Los Santos.

All Saints Hospital was built in Market in 1958.

During the 1970s, the neighborhood, which was considered to be poor and crowded; was reformed with upscale suburban shopping centers, including the Verona Mall; as well as new offices, new apartments and the renovation of All Saints Hospital

Market today Edit

Today, Market is a trendy neighborhood, desirable among both the gay and straight population. The predominance of affordable apartments as well as the district's shopping options and location relative to the beach makes it a sought after neighborhood for the younger population in the city.

Demographics Edit

Median income in Market in 1999 was $41,213 for households.